The coherent and harmonious development of the faculty in terms of graduate training and postgraduate necessarily requires the consolidation of training by the opening of new routes to Bachelor and Master and also by the opening of doctoral programs in all disciplines existing; this can only have a positive impact on the quality of training. Besides AC, improving the level of student researchers requires the existence of other essential training facilities and are research laboratories and PNR projects. In this perspective and in the near future, the faculty will have seven (07) research laboratories, including two (02) in physics, one (01) in mathematics, one (01) in computer and three (03) in chemistry and a number quite important university research projects and national CNEPRU NRP. These means put at the service of young researchers will effectively contribute to their training and allow them to easily perform their research within the framework of the preparation of their diplomas.

Applied Mathematics Laboratory and Modeling -AMLM                               Bilan

Physics Laboratory Guelma (Guelma physics laboratory) - LPG                           Bilan

Applied Chemistry Laboratory - LCA                                                                      Bilan

Laboratory of Science and Technology of Information and Communication -LabSTIC   Bilan

Physics Laboratory materials - LL2PM

Computational Chemistry Laboratory and nanostructure - LCCN 

Laboratoire chimie physique - LCPPhysical Chemistry Laboratory - PCL