General description of the LMD system:

The LMD has over long at universities in English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, Great Britain, etc.). Its implementation started in recent years in Europe and also in some Arab countries and with the aim of ensuring a better quality of higher education and to grant graduate degrees in international value that will allow some mobility students.

The LMD educational system is designed in an architecture in three training cycles each conferring a degree:

Undergraduate: Bac +3 leading to the Licence.
A second round: +5 leading to the Master.
A third round: +8 leading to PhD.

Training for obtaining the License Diploma "New Plan" is organized by training area comprising a set of sectors and specialties.

Training courses

   In each cycle, the training areas are organized in the form of model training courses that will enable the implementation of gateways.

License :

There are two types of licenses:

- Academic License (L.A): Consecrated by a bachelor's degree which allows direct access to long and more specialized university.

- Professional License (L.P): Consecrated by a bachelor's degree that will allow direct insertion into the world of work.