Computer science is a science that makes it possible to exploit digital resources via a computer. The concept of computer is not limited to desktops and laptops, it represents any machine capable of processing information automatically.

IT has seen a revolution in recent years in terms of simplicity and efficiency and has become ubiquitous in all administrative and commercial structures. If it's about studying, working, inventing something or even relaxing, the computer is a must-have tool that makes repetitive and difficult tasks a little fun.

The role of the computer science department is to forge the new bachelors to turn them into real experts in computer science through a set of qualified teachers, professionals and able to share their knowledge and expertise.

The computer department is located at block E8.Il of the former campus of the university.

It contains five rooms well equipped with machines and well organized for the smooth running of the practical work. It also contains eight classrooms for tutorials and class sessions.

The computer science department currently offers two undergraduate and two master's degrees. The number of specialties is likely to increase in the next future to follow the expectations of the job market.

Regarding the doctoral training within the framework of the LMD, it is ensured by a team composed of lecturers-researchers of the department of computer science, attached to the laboratory LabSTIC. A doctoral training has already been opened and defenses of PhD theses took place .

The quality of teaching offered by the teachers of the department allowed our students to be ranked among the first in the regional and national competitions which allowed to benefit from scholarships, and that for the three levels namely license , master and doctorate.

Studying computer science increases the chances of finding a good job in any public or private sector. The possibility of setting up your own company is another alternative that allows you to get into the business field through the development of standard and dedicated software, the installation of computer networks, the creation and hosting of websites, the digital security and even the sale and maintenance of computer hardware.

Thanks to a rich and balanced educational structure, the IT department has brought together both the wisdom of veterans and the enthusiasm of young people. Indeed, the teaching staff of the computer science department is composed of about fifty teachers of different grades (Professors, Lecturer and Assistant Master). In addition, the department is headed by a staff composed of the head of department, his two deputies, and technical and administrative staff.