Research projects

Research projects have three complementary objectives:

The doctoral training supported by the laboratory and responding to the research axes.
The achievement of the socio-economic, scientific and technological objectives of the country.
The monitoring of scientific news.
The research projects at the level of the Faculty of Mathematics of Computer Science and Subject Sciences concern both the former category of CNEPRU projects and the new category of PRFU projects (Research Projects University Training).

The total number of research projects at the faculty level is 17, of which 10 are CNEPRU and 7 are PRFU. They are spread over the sectors as follows:

04 projects in the mathematics field.
06 projects in the Chemistry sector.
04 projects in the Physics program.
03 projects in the IT sector.
List of Current Research Projects

CNEPRU projects
Research Projects University Training (PRFU)
CNEPR projects