1. Objectives

As research structures, the laboratories make it possible both to improve the level of students at the various levels (M, D) and for research professors, and also constitute an adequate framework for the domiciliation and conduct of research projects. (CNEPRU and PRFU).

In this perspective, the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Subject Sciences has seven (08) research laboratories including two (02) in physics, Two (02) in mathematics, one (01) in computer science and three (03) in chemistry. These means put at the service of the researchers will contribute effectively to their training and allow them to carry out their research easily within the framework of the preparation of their diplomas.

2. The research laboratories of the MISM faculty

  laboratory   director number and date of discontinuation
1 Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Modeling Pr. Guebbai Hemza decree n ° 384 of 16/03/2011
2 Laboratory of Science and Information Technology and Communication Pr. Seridi Hamid decree n ° 381 of 13/04/2011
3 Physical Chemistry Laboratory Pr.Kadri Mekki decree n ° 145 of 14/04/2012
4 Guelma physics laboratory Pr.boufelfel Ahmed decree n ° 42 of 05/02/2001
5 Laboratory of Applied Chemistry Pr.Merdes Rachid decree n ° 42  of 05/02/2001
6 Laboratory of Computational Chemistry and Nanostructure Pr.Nouar Leila decree n ° 145 of 14/04/2012
7 Material Physics Laboratory Pr.Chettibi Sabah decree n ° 145 of 14/04/2012
8 Laboratory for the analysis and control of differential equations Pr Badraoui Salah decree n ° 752 of 13/12/2020