The post-graduation services, scientific research and external relationship consists of two main services:

  • Tracking service training Post - Graduation
  • Tracking service research

These services are under the responsibility of Vice postgraduate dean, scientific research and external relations.

1- Monitoring Service research activities

Contact: Ms. Hanane BERKAL Tel:

The main tasks related to the training department in Post - Graduation are:

1- Training Post - Graduation

Inscriptions in PhD and habilitation
Defenses of PhD theses and empowerment University

2- Doctoral Training Offers 3rd cycle LMD

  • empowerment
  • renewal
  • gel

3- Organization of entrance exams in 3rd cycle LMD Ph.D.
4- Creation of new laboratories
5- Scientific Events
6- Secretariat of the Faculty Scientific Council
7 -Career Teachers
8 -Statistics relating to students Post - Graduation
9- Daily Matches

2- Monitoring Service training Post - Graduation

Contact: Ms. AMIRA Chafika Tel:

The main tasks assigned to the training department in Post - Graduation are:

1- Management short courses

  • symposia
  • training
  • Scientists Internship high

2- Management of research projects CNEPRU