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The Algerian University has made great progress since independence until today. The number of academic institutions has increased considerably, while supervision has improved both qualitatively and quantitatively.

   The university of May 8, 1945 Guelma has seven faculties spread over three main sites. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and Subject Sciences (MISM) is located on the former campus of the university, where the Faculty of Science and Technology (ST) is located; It contains three departments in four fields: - Department of Mathematics: Department: Mathematics - Department of Computer Science: Department: Computer Science - Department of Subject Sciences: Pathways: Physics and Chemistry The supervision at the level of the MISM faculty is important if we compare the number of teachers to the total number of students.

   In fact, there are 160 teachers who supervise 1300 students, that is approximately one (01) teacher for eight (08) students, which represents an excellent standard. A fairly large number of our teachers intervene, within the framework of a total or partial detachment, at the level of other faculties to ensure the teaching of mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry, in the form of lectures. , tutorials (TD) or practical work (TP).

   For the four sectors, the departments of our faculty have teaching laboratories equipped with adequate equipment for the realization of the various practical work (TP) answering the specifications of each authorized course; Indeed, there are several physics and chemistry laboratories at the level of the department of the sciences of the matter and several computer labs at the level of the departments of mathematics and computer science.

   The research laboratories attached to the MISM faculty exist in number of seven (07): Three (03) chemistry laboratories, two (02) physics laboratories, one (01) mathematical laboratory and one (01) computer lab . These research entities, which have a significant research potential, are vital and essential support for M and D students in the preparation of their master's and PhD degrees. As a reminder, some MISM level D students have already supported their doctoral theses and some of them have been recruited by our institution.

   The MISM faculty reassures students who choose the MI (mathematics and computer science) and SM (subject sciences) training areas of quality training on the three levels L, M and D and invites them to regularly consult our site for information that may be of interest to them and help them navigate the future.