Mathematics was taught at Guelma University long before there was a math department. Thus a department of exact sciences was created in 1998 with a promotion of about forty students. It was succeeded by Mr Bekhouche Saadi's chieftaincy from 1998 to 2008, then Mr Lakhal Fahim and Mr Khatmi Djameleddine and Mr Chiheb Tarik In 2001, Mr. Bekhouche Saadi was appointed head of department of mathematics, following the new reorganization of the faculties of the University of Guelma. GRADED TRAINING The MISM faculty provides graduated training for all specialties of the fields of training (MI). (Tab: 1 and 2). The first Bachelor's degrees in the LMD system and in the disciplines taught by the MISM faculty were awarded in 2007 and those of the Master in 2009.


Head of Department

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Deputy Head of Department Post-Graduation

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